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Weddings are all about the details. You need to plan things carefully to make sure that the event is as beautiful as you imagine it to be. Aside from the couple, the wedding flowers will get a lot of attention from the guests and the cameras. Choose an arrangement that suits you and your personality. Below are some examples of the most popular types:

Native Bouquet

Fancy flowers are nice to look at but they might not be right for you. If you love the flora and fauna in your area, then you can go for a native bouquet that uses local flowers for your wedding. This won’t just be economical. It will also be more personal because you can source them from people that you know around the community.

Colorful Bouquet

If you want the venue to come alive, then make sure that you pick colorful flowers for your wedding. Use these from the bridal bouquet to the table d├ęcor. Get the most vivid hues such as blushing reds, lush greens, bright yellows, fiery oranges, and so on.

Modern Bouquet

The modern aesthetic is simple yet elegant. It looks at traditional patterns and attempts to make them fresh. For example, the wedding flowers could feature a mix of greens and whites using ferns and orchids. This may even get a dash of pink or yellow depending on the flowers.

Monochrome Bouquet

The bride’s dress is traditionally white. If you want your flowers to stand out, then avoid light colors and go for something daring to add contrast. Pick a favorite hue and stick to it. For example, you could go for a dark pink ensemble using amaranthus, sweet peas, ranunculus, peonies, and scabiosa.

Cascading Bouquet

We have all seen long trailing bridal gowns that are there to make a statement. Why not pair them with a cascading bouquet for a great match? Use roses, dahlia, and elderberry. Add vines and orchids to the mix to provide length and flow. Lilies and clematis are excellent additions as well.

Seasonal Bouquet

This arrangement is all about taking what the season offers. This is especially suited for weddings that are held in the fall or the spring as the colors are truly beautiful during these times of the year. Bring the outdoors inside your venue by using the seasonal blooms. You can even add vibrant leaves to capture the mood even better.