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Are you looking to improve the health and productivity of your garden? Are you sick and tired of using old rigid sticks and stakes to support your plants? These sticks and stakes make it harder to get to your plants. They also prevent natural plant growth and block sunshine.

Make Gardening Easier, Productive, Healthy and Efficient With Flexi Garden Frames

No more struggling to untie things. No more broken stakes and sticks. With Flexi garden frames, you just lift, garden, and return.

You will be amazed by the ‘Flexi Difference’. You will enjoy gardening and you will fall in love with gardening.

What is Flexi Garden Frame?

Flexi garden frame is the world’s only modular garden frame made and designed in Australia. It is reconfigurable and reusable. It is one frame with 100s of uses.

Flexi garden frame is not an impenetrable border but just a support frame. It is the only support frame that you need in your garden.


1. Irrigation

Garden irrigation just got easier with Flexi garden frames. They can serve as a support for lawn irrigation sprinklers.

2. Tree Support

You can use Flexi garden frames to build a structure around a tree. The structure can be up to 3 meters high and just as wide. With this structure, you will easily protect your fruits from animals and birds.

3. Protecting Plants from Frost

Flexi garden frames have the perfect shape to throw protective cloth or netting over. In winter, you simply throw the garden frost cover over the frames and in summer, the shade cloth.

4. Plant Support

Flexi garden frame is a perfect frame for growing tomatoes, peas, coffee beans, and other plants. It will let the plants grow naturally around and through the frame. It will allow lots of sunshine and air to get to the plants.


• Designed to improve your garden’s health and productivity

• Modular
You can easily take it apart and rebuild it to suit any plant or garden type.

• Can be used year-round from seed to harvest

• Lightweight and moveable

Flexi garden frames sit on the ground. Therefore, you can easily move them when you need to get into the garden to weed or harvest.

• Easy to Assemble

You can easily assemble the components into many shapes and sizes. You can tailor-make them for the job at hand.

• Versatile

Flexi garden frame is one frame with 100s of uses. You can use it for large garden beds, a balcony, or a small courtyard among other applications.

• Allows natural plant growth.

• Reusable and reconfigurable.

• Protects plants from pests, birds, and weather.

The Flexi Difference

Flexi garden frames will make a big difference to your garden. They will improve the health, productivity, and efficiency of your garden. For more information or to make a purchase, visit