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When planning a marketing campaign, you must consider all your options. Radio ads and TV ads, newspaper ads, posters, banners, and billboards are all good options, but there are many cheap alternatives. For instance, internet marketing and social media marketing can yield incredible results. When promoting a brand, however, branded products offer the best results. Promotional products are not only tangible, but also have utility to the user. Branded quality pens can be used by customers for a long time. Similarly, a printed promotional t-shirt will be worn by the customer until it either fades or it starts showing signs of wear and tear. Another idea for branded promo products is the use of promotional bags.

Why Use Promo Bags?

Everybody can use a bag. When going to school or work, you need a bag to carry all your things. During picnics, you will need a picnic bag or a cooler bag to carry all the drinks and fruits. Most people also carry bags with them when going shopping to ensure they have something to carry the items they buy. Fitness enthusiasts also need bags to carry their gym attire. Evidently, there are many uses for bags, so promotional bags can be highly effective in promoting your brand as they are both useful and practical. The best thing about promotional bags is that they come in a variety of designs, many of which are simple and affordable. This means that you can brand hundreds, if not thousands of promotional bags on a tight budget.

Research has shown that the owners of promo bags use them an average of 5.8 times per month. This means you will have something like a moving billboard bearing your brand in different parts of the city. This will work wonders for your brand.

Types of Bags

Tote Bags: They are stylish, yet cost-effective and durable. Branded tote bags will improve the visibility of your brand for a long time. Even if a small number of people use your tote bags in busy streets, your brand will get noticed, and this will work in favour of your business.

Lunch and Cooler Bags: These bags are great for daily use in the lunchroom or cafeteria. They are also great for picnics at the park or beach. By handing these bags to some of your customers, you will be improving brand awareness in different places. Be sure to also gift your staff these branded bags. Both you and your family should use your own branded promotional bags.

Drawstring Bags: Event planners and sports enthusiasts love using drawstring bags. They are also great for clubs and camping. Be sure to brand drawstring bags and hand them to sports enthusiasts, members of the environmental club, and camping enthusiasts among other like-minded individuals.

Sports Bags and Backpacks: Duffle bags, sling bags, backpacks, and sports bags are wonderful gifts to give way during sporting events, college orientation, and other similar types of events. They will be used daily in densely populated public spaces, such as lecture theaters, cafes, sporting grounds, and the like.

To get the best results with promotional bags, be sure to source them from the right firm. You want to order the highest quality bags with your logo neatly printed on the bag. The graphics should be impressive because nobody wants to carry a promo bag with poor graphics. Make sure you set a budget to ensure you do not spend more than you can afford when ordering promotional bags for your campaign. You must strike a balance between expenditure and the expected returns.