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It is our firm belief that employees should be valued by those who employ them, and that they should feel this value in tangible ways. Everything from the work environment and culture, to the incentives and benefits, should send a clear message to the employee: ‘as your employer, we value you completely.’ One great way of communicating the said message of value to any employee is through gift-giving. Below, we take a closer look at a few employee gift ideas that employers everywhere should consider.

Navigating A New Work Environment Means New Strategies and Employee Gift Ideas

Thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees alike must now navigate a new work dynamic. For starters, employers and employees are likely to be working from home and logging into the company’s office virtually. Consequently, organizations will need to find creative ways of engaging their workers and keeping them socially connected despite being physically distant. Such creative endeavors can include:

1. Branded mugs with cool or quirky messages

In the professional world, where drinking teas and coffees are the order of the day, coffee or another kind of drinking mug could prove to be a cool way of staying in touch. A mug is a perfect companion to long hours working by the computer. Even better if the same is a temperature-friendly option; that is, a thermos that helps to keep your hot drink hot as you work.

2. Virtual mingles

We know this sounds a little out of touch, but hear us out. The fact is, irrespective of how much we wish for things to be back to ‘normal,’ we have to deal with things as they are. As things are at the moment, working from home means partying from home too. As is the case for videoconferencing for work, Zoom may be the platform of choice.

For starters, Zoom has great features that are conducive to engaging and high-quality interactions. Such features include being able to go off into smaller groups known as break rooms (in some paid versions, meeting attendants can choose their rooms and who to interact with on their own) and private chat. To make this even better and more social, perhaps the company could sponsor the food and drink options and have them delivered to employees in time for the digital mingle. This way, everyone is on the same page and things are a little more interesting.

3. Snacks with Bite Snack Box

Speaking of food, snacks go hand-in-hand with working and drinking coffee when working from a desk and computer screen for relatively long hours. Snacks with Bite provides the perfect snack for work option. For starters, the snack boxes are affordable and the snacks are tasty, bite-sized, and manageable.

4. Non-food Care Packages

Of course, care packages need not come in the form of snacks alone. Instead, care packages can be specially crafted to meet other kinds of needs. For example, a healthcare package with alcohol-based sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, masks, COVID-19 protocol pamphlets, and so forth is an affordable and meaningful way to let employees know you are thinking of them and care about their well-being during this time. Of course, one can opt to throw in some mental health options, like a good book or a sachet of coffee for good measure.

5. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to help employees lift the energy or mood of their new workspace as they work from home during COVID-19. This is a particularly thoughtful gift idea as employees must now live work, and enjoy entertainment from the ‘same space’ daily. Indoor plants can help the workspace feel different from the rest of the home and boost morale whenever they enter that part of the home.

There you have it! 5 easy employee gift ideas that employers can consider to help their team whether the storm of COVID-19.