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One of the best gifts you can ever give your girlfriend is perfume. Obviously, the perfume will have to be unique in that other women around you should not be wearing the same perfume. It should also not be a cheap perfume. The ideal perfume should not be super-strong, but should last long. It is important to note that a perfume is one of the most important items in a woman’s wardrobe. If you carefully watch your girlfriend’s routine when preparing to go out, you will notice that she always sprays perfume on herself when done. Since there are many different types of perfumes out there, and they may all smell great, here is a guide to help you choose the right perform for your significant other:

Step 1: Shop Around and Make a List

There are many perfume shops in every city, so the first thing you need to do is visit some of these shops to check out what they have to offer. If your girl loves classy perfumes, you should stay away from those roller ball-type of perfumes and look for perfumes that come in specially designed bottles. After sampling a few perfumes, make a list of those you love. Ideally, your list should have between half a dozen up to a dozen different types of perfumes you love.

Step 2: Ask for Samples

If you are not sure what your girlfriend will love, it is only reasonable to ask her for her opinion. You can do this by buying samples in small perfume bottles. Take the samples to your girlfriend and simply ask her to choose the best option for her. Obviously, you already love all the perfumes you have presented to her, so she just needs to choose one. This should be easy for her if she truly loves perfumes.
Ideally, you should give her time to use the samples before making her final decision. Once she makes her choice, you can move to the next step.

Step 3: Place Your Order

A great perfume placed in a simple perfume bottle can diminish the value placed on that perfume. For this reason, you should consider buying a special perfume bottle to go with the special perfume. You can even have the perfume bottle engraved with a special message from you. This will undoubtedly make the perfume more special for her. When the bottle is emptied, you can take it for a refill or simply buy another one with a different special message.

The best perfumes do not come cheap, but your love is also not cheap. Therefore, you must be willing sacrifice a little bit to ensure your girlfriend gets the best.