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At Rainbow Grocery, our purpose is to provide natural, organic, vegetarian food and environmentally and health conscious products at an affordable price. Rainbow Grocery Cooperative is an independent, collectively run, worker owned and operated cooperative at which decision making and responsibilities are shared through democratic structures and elected committees.

Rainbow Grocery gift certificates
$10, $20, $50, or $100 available in store only.

Rainbow Sells Organic Cotton
Rainbow Grocery now carries organic cotton baby clothes and towels. Read more about this ecologically friendly resource and why its not only good for you, but your infant too. Make sure you visit our Bath and Body department on your next trip to the store.


Rainbow’s Native Garden in Full Bloom

Our garden is a fertile representation of some of the local indigenous plants which do well in our foggy city. If your timing is right, you may be able to meet Mara, Rainbow’s gardener.

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Next time you open your garbage bill, take a look at the Sunset Scavenger newsletter. In their April – June newsletter, Rainbow Grocery is featured as an environmentally smart place to shop – offering bulk foods, reusable canvas bags and products with less wasteful packaging.

TAKEACTION! Tell Governor Schwartzenegger to limit perchlorate levels in our drinking water! The California Department of Health Services is getting ready to set regulations for allowable levels of Perchlorate levels in drinking water.
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